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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

crmKnowledge is power. At KarenSoft, we say - managing knowledge effectively is power. Knowledge is nothing without proper management and in today's business world, knowing and managing your customer's information is key to understand them, and in the long term, ensuring generous returns. KarenSoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on more than obtaining customers; in fact, it will help your company manage an entire customer lifecycle, from acquiring customers to retaining them, giving you insights on pre-sales and post-sale activities, market intelligence, product management, marketing campaigns and more. KarenSoft offers two versions - the KarenSoft CRM Advance and KarenSoft CRM Lite - to fit your business needs.

Modules covered by the KarenSoft CRM include:

· Product Management
· Market Intelligence
· Product Benchmarking
· Market Share
· Marketing Encyclopedia
· Advertising Management
· Brand Management
· Telemarketing
· Business Enquiries
· Campaign Management
· Lead Management
· Prospects Management
· List Management
· Sales Quotation
· Sales Quota
· Sales Budget
· Dealers Management
· Partners Management
· Customer Profile
· Customer Helpdesk
· Customer Service
· Service Contract
· Warranty Management
· Product Profile (optional)
· Sales Price Table (optional)
· Sales Orders Processing (optional)
· Delivery Orders (optional)
· Sales Invoicing/Billings (optional)
· Historical Sales Analysis (optional)
· Project Management (optional)

What is CRM

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