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Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Register

FarCreated with a commitment to increase productivity through a comprehensive, efficient and easy to use software, KarenSoft Fixed Assets Register (FAR) is a total solutions for the management of fixed assets. It is designed using structured analysis to meet auditing, accounting, costing, taxation and administrative requirements, and automatically calculates accounting, depreciation, tax initial, annual allowances, reinvestment allowances, tax balancing charges and allowances and timing differences for deferred taxation.

Product Features

· Designed using structured analysis to meet auditing, accounting, costing, taxation and administrative requirements.
· The Windows 95 / NT version is written in Delphi, the world's fastest window development tool, while he DOS version is written in CA-Clipper, the premier PC application development system for DOS.
· Database file structures are currently compatible with Microsoft™ Foxpro.
· Written for Windows 95 / NT /, IBM, OS/2 Warp and Novell Netware.
· Designed to be user-friendly by providing :
· pull down and intuitive menus
· context sensitive pop-up help windows
· access to online User's Guide
· access to online tutorials at strategic fields
· Automatically calculates (for a given date range) :
· accounting depreciation (on straight and online reducing balance basis)
· tax initial, annual allowances and reinvestment allowances
· tax balancing charges and allowances
· timing differences for deferred taxation
(Calculations are on a perpetual basis. This means that the KarenSoft FAR can be used to generate historical as well as forecasted reports).
· Accommodates fixed accumulated depreciation brought forward as at the decided cut-off date. (If this option is chosen, the KarenSoft FAR can only generate meaningful historical reports (pertaining to depreciation) not earlier than the decided cut-off date).
· Prints and display 11 standard reports on a completely flexible basis. These standard reports comply with auditing, accounting, costing, tax and administrative requirements.
· Allow users to extract unlimited number of reports based on:
· user-defined format
· user-defined query condition
· Saves time as it can post monthly depreciation to the KarenSoft Financial Accounting System (FAS).
· Ability to store picture of the Fixed Asset.
· Allow analysis through pie chart or bar chart.
· Flexibly export data to ASCII or DBF formats.
· Prints labels and tags using the barcode printer.
· Can be customised to individual client's needs. Customisation may include using other depreciation methods allowed by International Accounting Standard No. 4 on Depreciation Accounting.
· At runtime, user can configure screen by drag and drop of field column and also would be able to hide fields.
· Tracks maintenance expenses for selected fixed assets.
· Robust and flexible security features via restricted access on a modular basis.
· In addition, the Windows 95/98/NT version has the following features:
· In-built calculator and editor
· Internet enabled via KarenSoft Mail
· Flexibility exports data to spreadsheet, word-processors, graphics and database management software