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Payroll Management System (PMS)

KarenSoft Payroll Management System (PMS) is created to increase productivity through a comprehensive, efficient and easy-to-use software, KarenSoft PMS is the solution for effective payroll management.









What is PMS

Product Features

Salary Information Management
· Able to handle P&C information such as basic salary or wages and increment for more secure data confidentiality
· Fixed allowances and deductions can be added from time to time via user-defined database formatting tools

Security access control for different users to view employees' information within their authorised levels

· Enable global increment processing according to user-defined formulae
· Able to handle multiple bonus/profit sharing payments within a year; payment can be made by itself or together with Monthly Payroll
Mid-month Payroll
· Able to compute half month advance salary based on percentage or pre-defined amount
· The percentage of advance salary can be defined by authorised user based on employee request
· Integration of attendance using KarenSoft TMS into KarenSoft PMS for mid-month payroll processing
· Can also incorporate statutory calculation into mid-month payroll
Bonus Computation
· Can process multiple bonus/profit sharing payments within a year; payment can be made by itself or together with Monthly Payroll
· Able to calculate bonus points and bonus amount according to company policies
Ad hoc/Resignation Payroll
· Perform full function of monthly payroll processing for terminated or resigned employee
· Able to handle advance payment processing
Loan Repayment
· Unlimited loan types can be created for each employee
· Both Straight Line and Reducing Balance calculation available for calculating repayment amount
· Partial or full repayment methods are allowed for more flexible repayment
Monthly Payroll
· Equipped with Quick Entry settings to speed up data maintenance
· Equipped with Formulae settings to handle unlimited and complicated formulae
· Able to post attendance from KarenSoft TMS eliminating tedious data input by user
· Able to output Monthly Payroll to bank diskettes
· Able to perform back-posting of information to Employee Master File, Loan and Salary Information
· Comes with statutory reports such as EPF A Form, BBCD Form, Socso 8A Form and etc.
Payroll History
· Store both detailed (month by month) and summarised (year to date) payroll history (also include previous years payroll history in detail)
· Able to print cumulative statutory reports: EA Form, CP22A Form, CP159 Form, E Form and Individual PCB Statement
· Able to print previous month/year reports: pay slips, statutory reports and payroll transaction reports