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Time Management System (TMS)

A completely flexible time and attendance recording system, the TMS caters for all sorts of shifts and time recordingstyles. Prints timely and accurate reports and minimises mundane and time consuming tasks of calculating overtime, allowances and absenteeism.








Product Features

Company Calendar & Shift Setting
· Include helpful rotational shift update function
· Enable speedy shift maintenance using query condition
· Shift settings include:
- Shift allowance
- Split shift
- Overnight shift
- Pre/Post overtime grace minutes
- Auto update time out
- Pre-plan overtime
Clock Independence
· Include user-friendly barcode parameter (data parsing)
· Compatible with all models of time clock available in the market: Barcode, Proximity and Biometrics
Attendance Maintenance
· Flexible security access settings for different users to view employees' attendance details
· Able to view attendance on daily, weekly and monthly basis
· Able to view attendance by employee basis
· Able to print 2 in 1 (detailed and summarised) comprehensive daily attendance report
· Enable overtime approval by superiors
· Able to plan overtime in advance
· Enable unlimited changes on timetable/shift by using specific date range or individual records
Attendance Calculation/Posting

Able to calculate the following based on company policies:
- Shift allowance
- Overtime claims grace minutes
- Late/early dismissal
- Pre-plan overtime
- Leave/Absenteeism
- Overtime meal allowance
- Daily transport claims
- Miscellaneous allowance claims

· Enable posting of attendance to KarenSoft Payroll Management System by query condition
· Able to retrieve historical attendance records